What is Buildcon?

Buildcon is an events hub as well as community for creative individuals, gamers and everything in between! We welcome 3D modellers, developers, ‘builders’, artists and everyone else under the creative spectrum of video game design.

Historically we’ve had a focus and basis within the game ‘Minecraft’, where we’ve found a lot of raw talent naturally develop using the tools the game has to offer and so for the last 5 years Buildcon has acted as a platform to nurture and promote willing individuals from the game. However as the community has developed we’ve decided to shift our focus with the movement of the community to support a wider audience of game devs and artists while still continuing to host specific game events.


When is Buildcon?

The annual Buildcon Minecraft event for 2018 will be held from the 8th to the 12th June opening at 3 PM BST on June the 8th and closing midnight BST on Just the 12th. We hold several other events throughout the year, both based in Minecraft and outside and have plans to expand our entertainment and learning platforms to become more seasonal.

During the summer of 2018 we are also hosting a huge building competition in collaboration with PlanetMinecraft. Make sure you check it out!


Who can join Buildcon?

Everyone is welcome to Buildcon, whether you be very new to the creative community and game dev work or a seasoned creator! The server is completely free to access when the main event is on and you don’t need to receive an invitation to turn up – no whitelisted/ticketed access here! The majority of our community is based in our ever-growing Discord server where creators and gamers chat and are free to share and present their creations. 

We also pride Buildcon on being an international event and will be striving to make BuildCon 2018 even more diverse. It makes no difference where you are from or what languages you speak: we gladly invite you to come join us at Buildcon 2018! Our community Discord is designed with a diverse, multi-lingual community in mind so don’t hesitate to join and introduce yourself.


What is the Digital Artisan’s Guild?

The Digital Artisan’s Guild or DAG for short is a group of members with a focus on development and creative uses of games, many of whom have originated from or around the game Minecraft, and are considered experts within their respective fields.




Why should I come to the Buildcon annual event?

Buildcon is one of the best opportunities, to get your name out there as an artist, builder, developer, cinematographer, renderer or simply someone interested in the creative within the gaming industry! At no other time or place will so many people interested in the creative aspects of Minecraft join together in one place to view and celebrate what everyone can do and the talent existing within the game. You can use Buildcon to show everyone your skills, meet new people and make new friends!

If this isn’t for you, then you can come on to take a look at what some of the best teams and builders out there have to offer, as well as partake in masterclasses, build-battles, and watch streams by your favourite people! You can come along and join our contest, pitching yourself against a swathe of other builders to prove that you are the best!


How can I join the Buildcon server?

We will tweet the server IP a few weeks before our event, so keep an eye on our twitter! You can then join our server when we drop our whitelist and “open the event doors”!


I own a Team, will my team be able to attend the event and what can we do there?

Yes, your team can attend the event, everyone is welcome!

This year, teams can submit a 2k x 2k build of theirs via the showcase application on our twitter.

Teams can also formally challenge other teams to build offs which we can host during the Buildcon event, and if members of teams wish, we do have positions on panels and are open to suggestions for other events to run throughout the course of the weekend so long as notice is given to cakeicing or dordsor21 a minimum of two weeks prior.


I am a Solo Builder, will I be able to have a showcase build at Buildcon?

Yes! For Buildcon 2018 we’re allowing solo builders to submit up to a 2k x 2k build of theirs via the showcase application on our Twitter.


What is a booth and can I submit one?

Booths are 71×71 “plots” build to give everyone an idea of what you (a team, developer or studio) does, and how people might be able to contact you! If you’d like to submit a booth, follow this link!


Some Thoughts behind buildcon

Buildcon was created as an event to not only pull the creative community of Minecraft together but to also inspire those new to the community to get more involved, harnessing their creativity and exploring new styles and concepts, bringing a new generation of creationists into the much loved creative community and developing interest in a game we all love, even further!


Can I Help Out at Buildcon?

Yes, we will be opening a staff application soon, but if you’re really eager you can contact either cakeicing or dordsor21 and let us know of your interest! We are especially looking for individuals who can speak multiple languages as Buildcon is an international event.


More useful links:

Discord – https://discord.gg/cVWu32m

Plug dj – https://plug.dj/mcbcon

Twitter – https://twitter.com/MCBCon