Digital Artisans’ Guild

The Digital Artisans’ Guild is a group of members with a focus on development and creative uses of games, many of whom have originated from or around the game Minecraft, and are considered experts within their respective fields.

Builders, renderers, artists, developers and educators are all welcomed to the DAG, as long as they show clear intent to further creativity and a willingness to enhance the experiences of others through games and their creations. Members of the DAG will be listed on this site, be granted permission to use the DAG logo where seen fit, display a public statement of membership towards to DAG where appropriate and given a rank on our Discord accordingly. As well as this, we may invite DAG members to act as judges in contests, act as representatives of their respective communities, run masterclasses, and stream their content whilst being supported by us. There are more perks on top of this; to be disclosed when individuals become members of the DAG and will depend on the area of expertise a member is in.

The application process is simple:

  1. Release a public build, portfolio, plugin etc. This should be posted in #dag-application on Discord.
  2. Read the DAG requirements.
  3. Fill out the short application form here so we’re aware of your application.
  4. Be contacted by us if we believe you have the makings of a DAG member.
  5. A quick chat or call to determine in what capacity you wish to join the DAG.
  6. Become a DAG member.