DAG Requirements


MUST : Produce a show-stopping, solo, creation. This must tie in all main elements of building – structure, organics and terrain (terrain does not have to be a solid land mass, may encompass floating islands, rocks, a man-made terrain/structure). There may be a focus on one single area, however, it is necessary to show all three to an impeccable standard, unquestionable as to whether they deserve a place in the DAG. Builds that get past stage one of the application process will be explored in-game so builders trying to achieve entry to DAG must keep in mind in-game lighting, interiors and other details.

IDEAL : Their other past builds (on social media, PMC etc.) must also show great quality / a sizeable improvement over time.

IDEAL : The builder either has some sort of unique style that they are known for, have pioneered a method or style of building / pushes the boundaries of creativity.


MUST : Have coded the majority of a major/important plugin which the community uses on a day to day basis if within the community of Minecraft. If outside of Minecraft, the developer must have contributed significantly to the code of a game or software which aids game design and have proof of this.

MUST : Have at least one of their public plugins as “free to use”, proving that they are community driven.

IDEAL : A good proportion of freely available plugins should be open-sourced

Renderers & Artists

MUST : Have a portfolio of work presenting a mixture of game-based art / render pieces (such as concept art for a game or creation in Minecraft, a Minecraft render, pixel art or 3D models used in a game) and nongame based art (any renders or art created for any other reason than gaming/game design). In the case of resource pack artists, the prior section is ignored. RP artists must have a stand out pack which members of the community use regularly which also contains unique features.

MUST : Have at least one “project” or series set of artworks/renders which fit along the same theme which could display different mediums. For example, two concept arts and a character sketch from the same project or renders and an animation of a built Minecraft project– a 3D render and static render can count.


MUST : Have used digital games or a gaming platform to educate or aid in education in at least three different public scenarios.

Examples of public education scenarios; talks or presentations about the use of games in education, presentations demonstrating education based on games, running a workshop allowing for people to get hands-on with games. For a more specific example, the use of Minecraft as an urban planning piece of software or to model a piece of architecture is acceptable.

MUST : Have a form of original content created by themselves which they can teach from. This can include YouTube videos, in-game/3D models, books, posters and graphics etc. In short, proof of your passion to use games to create different environments in which to make education fun and enticing.