BuildCon 2018

3 pm 8th June – midnight 12th June BST

About Us

BuildCon is the annual event for the entire creative community of Minecraft and other pixel-based gamers and enthusiasts. Builders, developers, modders and many others join to discuss Minecraft, gaming and participate in masterclasses to hone skills and express creativity within the game!
It is an excellent opportunity for any build team to get their name known, show themselves off to the best of their abilities and pick up new fans or connect with existing ones.! Most importantly BuildCon is an event where you can meet and make friends with fellow gamers who share the same enthusiasm for creativity and game development!
Note: We are not affiliated with Mojang or Microsoft.

Important Info

As above, BuildCon 2018 will be held from June 8th 15:00 till June 12th midnight (BST) with a little more information about this closing to come..!

We will Tweet the event IP(s) closer to the event (most like play. or mc. mcbuildcon.net) so make sure to follow our Twitter for this and more updates!

You can also join our Discord channel for even quicker and easier access to updates, the occasional sneak-peak and to work your way up our chat-involvement levels!

Panels & Masterclasses

During the event, you will have the opportunity to attend various masterclasses and panels. Wondering what they are? Let us tell you!

Masterclasses are usually an hour-long and aim to teach you about a specific field. Whether it be development, terraforming or rendering, a masterclass will give you a better understanding and show you tips and tricks along the way!

Panels are also usually an hour-long and more of a discussion. They might explain how Minecraft can be used in real-life applications or something new for the community to use.